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How Is Everyone Doing?

10 Jun 20 11 leave a comment

Hi! How is everyone doing?

I've been having a bit of a low moment when it comes to TCGs. Only because I can't fix the errors. I'm hoping if anyone is available to help me out, I'd pay for your time if you could fix some errors for me.

Other than that, if you have messaged me for levelling up, it's done! Your rewards are in your member area. And new decks will be posted throughout the week.

Oh! I will be changing updates to Wednesdays. Next week : New header (maybe layout), new Special Decks added and new round to start. Monthly games will begin again.

I think that is all!

Site Updates

New Members:Noy ,SalyaDarken Welcome! Hope you'll have fun playing and trading! Tomorrow, your Member Card will be available.

Congratulations to these members!
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Wishing Well

Thanks for wishing! Here are some of the granted wishes : (comment with what you took)
Helena & Karen wished for for cards spelling out JUNE. (2 cards per deck)
Gaelle wished 2 Choice Cards from each category (Movies, TV, Animated Movies, Animated TV, Special) (2 cards per deck - different to first wish)

New Decks

You may take 10 cards (Max. 2 Cards/Deck). Please take one extra, if you've donated images for the deck.
You can also use the Latest Decks Randomizer instead.

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Shell wrote on 17 June 2020
Sorry you're having a low moment about the TCG. Just wanted you to know how much I love your TCGs


heathers-veronicajd07, heathers-veronicajd08, gilmore2-rorylogan03, vmars-themars13, thelegendofkorra-korrasami10, thelegendofkorra-korrasami11, walle-walleeve12, walle-walleeve15

harpers-chloecal04, harpers-chloecal15, tmfu-gabyillya04, riverdale-bettyjughead03, thehobbit1-filikili03, thesimpsons-lisanelson08, dirkgently-amandatodd14, trainwreck-amyaaron14, burlesque-alitess09

thank you
Noy wrote on 17 June 2020
New Decks: tmfu-gabyillya02, riverdale-bettyjughead08, thehobbit1-filikili06, despicableme-grudru01, gossipgirl-blairdan10, thesimpsons-lisanelson10, dirkgently-amandatodd08, trainwreck-amyaaron02, harpers-chloecal09, burlesque-alitess09
Helena & Karen- Wishes: J - aladdin-jasminealaddin15 U - acinderellastory-samaustin04 N - crazyrichasians-nickrachel13 E - cinderella-kitella10

Gaelle-Wishes: (Movies) loveactually-natalieprimeminister15, loveactually-natalieprimeminister13, (TV) tvd-carolineklaus05, tvd-carolineklaus13 (Animated TV) familyguy-stewiebrian15, familyguy-stewiebrian04 (Animated Movies) frozen-elsaanna15, frozen-elsaanna08 (Special) md-favmovie07, md-favmovie15
Gaelle wrote on 16 June 2020
New Decks: tmfu-gabyillya01, tmfu-gabyillya02, thehobbit1-filikili06, thehobbit1-filikili07, despicableme-grudru01, despicableme-grudru02, riverdale-bettyjughead01, riverdale-bettyjughead02, dirkgently-amandatodd02, dirkgently-amandatodd04

(Wish/Helena & Karen - JUNE) zootopia-judynick03, thorragnarok-brucethor10, zootopia-judynick04, thorragnarok-brucethor11

(Wish/Gaelle - 2 Choice Cards from each category) drwho-riversongeleventh05, drwho-riversongeleventh06, adventuretime-bubblemarceline02, adventuretime-bubblemarceline03, blackpanther-tchallaokoye04, blackpanther-tchallaokoye06, wreckitralph-ralphvanellope03, wreckitralph-ralphvanellope04, md-favcelebcouple07, md-favcelebcouple08
Karen wrote on 15 June 2020
New decks: tmfu-gabyillya04, tmfu-gabyillya08, gossipgirl-blairdan01, gossipgirl-blairdan02, thesimpsons-lisanelson08, thesimpsons-lisanelson10, trainwreck-amyaaron13, trainwreck-amyaaron15, burlesque-alitess06, burlesque-alitess07. Wish - June: tiobe-algyjohn07, beautybeast-bellegaston15, vmars-veronicalogan11, vmars-veronicalogan12. Wish - 2 choice per category: theproposal-margaretandrew02, theproposal-margaretandrew03, pll-ariaezra04, pll-ariaezra05, frozen-elsaanna11, frozen-elsaanna12, thelegendofkorra-korrasami06, thelegendofkorra-korrasami11, md-favtvfamily11, md-favtvfamily12.
Lex wrote on 15 June 2020
New Decks: tmfu-gabyillya04, dirkgently-amandatodd12, riverdale-bettyjughead12, thehobbit1-filikili12, despicableme-grudru08, gossipgirl-blairdan04, thesimpsons-lisanelson14, trainwreck-amyaaron12, harpers-chloecal04, burlesque-alitess05

Donated: tmfu-gabyillya14

Wish (JUNE): brooklyn99-jakeamy02, thorragnarok-brucethor04, thorragnarok-brucethor09, brooklyn99-jakeamy12

Wish (Categories): pacificrim-makoraleigh07, pacificrim-makoraleigh10, thegoodplace-jasonjanet01, thegoodplace-jasonjanet15, trteldorado-tuliomiguel06, trteldorado-tuliomiguel09, dexterslab-deedeedexter03, dexterslab-deedeedexter12, md-favanimoviecouple05, md-favanimoviecouple07
Pam wrote on 12 June 2020
wish(Helena & Karen) took J-27dresses-janekevin02, U-angel-gunnwesley13, N-batesmotel-normanorman02, E-bones-angelajack14

wish(Gaelle) took angel-angelspike06, buffy-buffyangel11, ducktales-hueydeweylouie01, ducktales-scroogethenephews14, xmenfirstclass-mystiquebeast05, tronlegacy-samquorra02, despicableme-gruminions15, olivercompany-oliverdodger05, md-favtvfamily02, md-favtvcouple15

new sets took tmfu-gabyillya01, riverdale-bettyjughead05, thehobbit1-filikili15, despicableme-grudru05, gossipgirl-blairdan01, thesimpsons-lisanelson15, dirkgently-amandatodd01, trainwreck-amyaaron15, harpers-chloecal01, burlesque-alitess15
Zenit wrote on 11 June 2020
- Wishing Well (Helena & Karen): zootopia-judynick01, zootopia-judynick12, hp5-hermioneharry08, hp5-hermioneharry13
- Wishing Well (Gaelle): thehobbit3-thranduillegolas01, thehobbit3-thranduillegolas15, ouat-bellerumple04, ouat-bellerumple06, trteldorado-tuliomiguel06, trteldorado-tuliomiguel15, ducktales-scroogethenephews02, ducktales-scroogethenephews10, md-favanimoviecouple05, md-favanimoviecouple15
- New Decks: tmfu-gabyillya05, riverdale-bettyjughead01, thehobbit1-filikili03, thehobbit1-filikili13, despicableme-grudru05, gossipgirl-blairdan08, thesimpsons-lisanelson10, dirkgently-amandatodd10, trainwreck-amyaaron14, harpers-chloecal02
Asche wrote on 11 June 2020
Don't stress out too much, sometimes you just need to step back from the coding and the answer will come! I don't know if I'll be much help since I'm still trying to re-learn PHP too through trial and error, but if nobody else can help I can try to take a look at it?

Wish (spell JUNE): J- elementary-joansherlock06, U- inception-arthureames06, N- lotr1-aragornboromir06, E- inception-arthureames11

Wish (2 choice from each category): Movies- thehobbit1-filikili06, thehobbit1-filikili07; TV- firefly-malinara09, twd-maggieglen01; Animated Movies- tarzan-janetarzan13, tarzan-janetarzan05; Animated TV- thelegendofkorra-korrasami05, thelegendofkorra-korrasami13; Special- md-favanimoviecouple04, md-favanimoviecouple15

New Decks: thehobbit1-filikili01, thehobbit1-filikili02, burlesque-alitess08, burlesque-alitess15, riverdale-bettyjughead03, riverdale-bettyjughead13, gossipgirl-blairdan14, gossipgirl-blairdan08, dirkgently-amandatodd10, dirkgently-amandatodd15

Donated Images: thehobbit1-filikili11
Chloe wrote on 11 June 2020
Wish (Helena and Karen): janethevirgin-janerafael04, toystory-woodybuzz07, friends-phoebemike09, friends-phoebemike13
Wish (Gaelle): acinderellastory-samaustin09, acinderellastory-samaustin12, gossipgirl-blairdorota02, gossipgirl-blairdorota03, monstersinc-mikecelia12, monstersinc-mikecelia08, thesimpsons-margehomer03, thesimpsons-margehomer04, md-favtvshow06, md-favtvfamily11

New Decks: riverdale-bettyjughead01, riverdale-bettyjughead02, riverdale-bettyjughead15, despicableme-grudru01, despicableme-grudru14, gossipgirl-blairdan01, gossipgirl-blairdan07, thesimpsons-lisanelson01, trainwreck-amyaaron14, harpers-chloecal06, burlesque-alitess08
Xtina wrote on 10 June 2020
Glad you are back! Everything will eventually be fixed so it just takes time!

- 2 Choice Cards from each category: satc-carriemrbig03, buffy-ozwillow02, capamerica2-natashasteve07, hp3-hermioneron03, toystory-woodybuzz07, lilo-lilostitch07, familyguy-stewiebrian10, adventuretime-ladyjake08, md-favtvcouple10, md-favcelebcouple08
- JUNE: buffy-buffyjoyce01, thorragnarok-brucethor10, tbbt-amysheldon07, tbbt-amysheldon09
- New Decks: trainwreck-amyaaron08, trainwreck-amyaaron10, tmfu-gabyillya06, riverdale-bettyjughead08, thehobbit1-filikili14, despicableme-grudru03, gossipgirl-blairdan11, thesimpsons-lisanelson09, harpers-chloecal13, burlesque-alitess03
tazzy wrote on 10 June 2020
Hi Marina! Thanks for the update! I wish I could help you but I really don't know coding :(
Hope you'll find someone soon who is a pro :)

Love the new decks!

Helena & Karen (wishing well) | friends-chandlerjoey01, buffy-ozwillow13, strangerthings-stevedustin01, strangerthings-stevedustin03

Gaelle (wishing well) | friends-chandlerjoey03, buffy-ozwillow15, titanic-rosejack03, grease-dannysandy04, beautybeast-bellebeast01, aladdinani-jasminealaddin10, familyguy-stewiebrian03, thesimpsons-margehomer04, md-favcelebcouple06, md-favanimoviecouple11

new decks | riverdale-bettyjughead05, riverdale-bettyjughead13, thehobbit1-filikili09, thehobbit1-filikili10, gossipgirl-blairdan06, gossipgirl-blairdan07, thesimpsons-lisanelson11, thesimpsons-lisanelson12, burlesque-alitess03, burlesque-alitess09

Thank you for everything! Take care xx